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James Brown Speaker - Past Clients List - Not full list
The most powerful tool to create in my life is my thoughts.  I use my thoughts to create a world that is for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.

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American Guild of Patient Account Managers

Alabama Society of Radiologic Technologists

American Society for Central Service Personnel of the American Hospital Association

American Society of Radiologic Technologists Radiation Therapy Conference

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Burbank National Managers Association

Central Plains Expo (Kansas Central Service and Material Managers)

Executive Officers Club (Portland OR)

Florida Society of Hospital Materials Managers

Idaho Hospital Association

Illinois Health Information Association

Illinois Society of Hospital Materials Managers

Indiana Veterinary Medical Association

Jason Marketing

Michigan Pharmacists Association

Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Michigan Society of Radiological Technologists

Midwest Consultant Pharmacists Association

Mississippi Hospital Association

Montana Hospital Association

National Association of Higher Education Facilities Authorities

National Council of Health Facilities Finance Authorities

National League for Nursing

New Jersey Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Nevada Pharmacists Association

Northwest Conference of Radiologic Technologists

North Carolina Association of Hospital Materials Managers

National Medical Enterprises

Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists

Oregon Society of Hospital Pharmacists

SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Tristate Respiratory Care Conference

United Drug

Utah Alliance of healthcare Professionals

Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association

Virginia Society of Medical Technologists

West Virginia Hospital Association 

Drug Chains

Fry's Food and Drug

Kroger Food and Drugs

Medicap Pharmacies Inc.


United Drug



Drug companies and distributors


Bristol-Myers Squibb

Pfizer Inc.

Roche Laboratories

SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories


Academy of Managed Care Pharmacists

American Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Combined Forces Pharmacists

Community Hospitals of Indianapolis

Memorial Medical Center

Midwest Consultant Pharmacists Association

Nevada College of Pharmacy

Pru Care of Tulsa

Pharmaceutical Associations

Alabama Pharmacists Association

American Pharmaceutical Association

Arizona Pharmacy Association-twice

Arkansas Pharmacists Association

Arizona Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Association of Managed Care Pharmacists

California Pharmacists Association

Colorado Pharmacists Association

Georgia Pharmacists Association

Idaho Pharmacists Association

Illinois Council of Hospital Pharmacists

Indiana Pharmacists Association

Massachusetts Pharmacists Association

Michigan Pharmacists Association

Mississippi Pharmacists Association

Nebraska Pharmacists Association

New Hampshire Pharmacists Association

Nevada Pharmacists Association

New Mexico Pharmaceutical Association

Oregon Pharmacists Association

South Carolina Pharmacists Association

South West Indiana Pharmacists Association

Texas Pharmacists Foundation

Utah Pharmacy Association

Virginia Pharmacists Association

Wyoming Pharmacists Association 
State Societies of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Arizona Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Arkansas Association of Hospital Pharmacists

California Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

California Society of Hospital Pharmacists, USC Student Chapter

California Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists- Diablo, Inland Empire, & San Fernando Valley Chapters

Colorado Society of Healthcare Pharmacists

Connecticut Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Florida Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Illinois Council of Hospital Pharmacists

Inland Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Kentucky Society of Healthcare Pharmacists

Louisiana Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Maine Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Mississippi Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Montana Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

New Jersey Society of Hospital Pharmacists

New Mexico Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

New England Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Oregon Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Pennsylvania Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Seattle area Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

South Dakota Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Tennessee Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists

University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy

University of Southern California School of Pharmacy

US. Department of Navy Pharmacists

Vermont Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Washington Metropolitan Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists

Western Medicaid Pharmacists Administrators Association

Wyoming Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists 




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