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James Brown (Jim) Testimonials

James Brown Speaker - Testimonials

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Client Testimonials


"Some would question the wisdom of bringing a speaker back again and again. You have been an effective part of no less than four of our conferences. Again this year you left our audience wanting more. I can certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a high class, entertaining and enlightened speaker. You have a gift, and our organization is fortunate to have taken just a part of that gift into ourselves."

Tim Wescott, Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists
"Jim is an exceptional speaker and motivator and I am very pleased to share my successful experiences with you. He has conducted seminars, been a moderator and facilitator during meetings, and acted as MC for 3 consecutive United Drugs National Conferences. Our attendees were overwhelming in their praise of Jim Brown."
Linda BakerAmerican Associated Druggists, Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for the highly entertaining and motivating talk that you gave at our recent pharmacy award banquet. Your talk, 'Your future is in your hands' was extremely timely with the many challenges that we all face in today's hurried world. You were a huge success and we would welcome your participation at future meetings."

- Daniel Milovich, Fry's Food & Drug
"Jim was able to make you feel like you are able to conquer the world. He is able to get and hold the audiences attention."
June Canwell, Certified Pharmacy Technician

"His talk was very frank and informal. It is much easier to actually listen and participate in this type of discussion."

Raymond Keith, Mississippi Pharmacist

"I am writing to thank you for participating in our 114th Annual Convention in Grand Island, Nebraska From the enclosed comments, it is obvious that you did a very outstanding job and your program was highly rated by our members. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being excellent) your program rated 1.6, which to Nebraska pharmacists is exceptional. (We only give 1.0's to the football team!) Thank you again for being with us and we look forward to having you join us for future conventions."

- Tom R. Dolan, R.P., Nebraska Pharmacists Association

"Thank you for your program 'Meeting the Challenges of Change' at the Colorado Pharmacists Association's 107th Annual Convention. The program was very well received by our attendees and your presence was a tremendous plus for the continuing education segment of our Convention. I think that one of the most telling comments was made to me later that evening - 'Every pharmacist should have heard Jim Brown's presentation and the message he left with the audience.' I couldn't agree more."

- Val Callens, Colorado Pharmaceutical Association




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